Christmas Mini Shoots

Saturday 3rd December

The PERFECT opportunity to grab some gorgeous images for Christmas cards or presents! Whether you choose to wear Christmas outfits or just normal winter clothes, you will love having the stress of Christmas presents taken away from you! I call this my super-sonic service as I will guarantee that all digital images are back to you within 3 days which still means you have a good couple of weeks before final ordering dates for prints, and a week before frames and wall art need to be ordered by! 

siblings in festive jumpers during a christmas minishoot in Winchester

How will it work?

Christmas minishoots in Winchester work so well for different families for different reasons – the main one being they are shorter than family shoots! If you have young children or children who have the attention span of a gnat, then these 30 minute sessions will be perfect for you! You will be able to book a slot that suits you, so you can choose a time that allows for naps / food etc. The beauty of Christmas shoots is that the sun is lower so we don’t have to worry about it being too bright! We will have 30 minutes together to play and have fun and capture your family chaos / magic / love (please delete as appropriate! 😉  I have scheduled them in for this weekend as I can then process and return the images back to you with enough time for you to make them into Christmas cards if that’s what you want to do!


A lot of people struggle to know what to wear for Christmas minishoots as the colours are so beautiful and the last thing you want to do is clash with the leaves and colours.

Neutral colours are advisable with as little to no patterns or motifs as possible. A common thread of colours among all family members looks great and really knits everybody together.

I have attached a link to my Christmas Pinterest board and my Winter Pinterest board which hopefully might provide some clarity and inspiration. It is not a complete guide by any means, but hopefully might help guide you!


After much location scouting, I am delighted to tell you though that I have decided upon Farley Mount for my Christmas minis location, which still has a lot of colour in it as well as the space to have lots of fun.

If you have never been to Farley Mount before, it is a country park situated between Hursley and Winchester. There are many car parks and different entrances so below are the instructions to find me:

If you drive through Hursley, you will go past IBM on your left. Keep on the A3090 for a short while. You will see a small group of houses on the left with a turning towards Farley. Directly after that on the left you will see a road signposted towards Farley Mount and Sparsholt. Take this road. You will go past a farm on your left and then almost immediately the road will fork. You want to take the left hand fork towards Farley Mount as the right hand fork takes you into Sparsholt. The road is narrow with lots of passing bays to allow cars to pass one another. The road will naturally bend round to the right and then you continue up through a tunnel of trees until you leave the trees behind and it opens up and you have the most spectacular views on either side. Keep travelling up the road until you reach the top. It feels like it should be a crossroads but the road naturally bends round to the left (you stay on this), whereas on the right you have a large car park called West Wood. You will go past a car park on the right called Forest View (the signpost will probably read Pitt Down but keep looking down and it will say Forest View. Keep on the road until the next car park on your right. Again, this will probably say Pitt Down at the top but lower down it is called Hawthorns Car Park. You need to park in here. It is a lovely big car park (and free) although there are signs around warning of thieves so be careful not to leave any valuables in the car.

Once you have let your car, if you face the field directly in front of you, head out the car park to the left. Turn right onto the gravel track and then there will be an opening to the field on your right. I will be in that field on the left as you look down the hill. You won’t be able to miss me – I am loud and will have a big hay bale and a wheelbarrow with me!

I’m sorry if it sounds complicated, it really isn’t I promise! I just write in a lot of detail so you can’t get lost!

See my minishoot portfolio

How do I book?

The booking process is simple. Click the link below and you will be taken to my booking form where you will be able to select the time that is best for you and your family.

Once you have booked, you will receive a confimation email of the date and time you have booked (these can be changed if there is still availability). I will then invoice you for £75 which will cover the cost of the shoot plus 3 images.

No later than 3 days after the shoot you will receive a link to your private and protected gallery. You can then choose to upgrade to the Bluebell or Autumn packages should you wish.

The product credit can go towards any of the products listen on my products page or against some other items that are available to look at in the online shop that is linked to the gallery.

Wet weather plan

In the event of bad weather, I will postpone the shoots until another weekend. As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a massive pain for many people, so I will only postpone in really bad weather. If we have drizzle then we will go ahead and embrace The Great British Weather! If the forecast looks bad in the days building up to the shoot, I will make a final decision the night before and will be in touch only if we need to postpone!

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