I love the totally natural and free element to children’s photography shoots, when the focus is just on a child. No child wants to sit still and pose for long, especially not a two year old boy who has mud to roll in, puddles to jump in and mischief to create, so joining the family for a walk or a trail is a great way to capture the character and the essence of the child without putting any pressure on them!

This was a new chapter in this little man’s life as his baby brother arrived only a few weeks earlier, so this day trip was a lovely opportunity for Lewis and his Daddy to spend some quality time together while Mum and baby Ellis caught up on some much-needed sleep at home!

As much as I love shooting the interactions and relationships between a large family, especially siblings, sometimes it’s wonderful just to have the chance to concentrate on the fun and frolics that one child gets up to. You’re guaranteed to never miss a moment as all your time is with them!

And two year old Lewis did not disappoint! If there was mud to be found, he found it! If there was a slope to negotiate, he did it (obviously on his bottom)! If there was a puddle to jump in, he jumped (obviously in his shoes which was great fun until Dad realised he’d forgotten spare shoes and socks)! I think in the end Dad even stopped getting the wipes out – Lewis’ face was inevitably going to be covered in mud, as was the rest of him for that matter!

This was enjoying a kid’sphotography shoot at it’s best. Nobody was worrying or stressing that Lewis was muddy. In fact Dad embraced it, because a photo of a clean or mud-free Lewis would not really reflect Lewis at all! I love it when children are just allowed to be children. When they have the freedom and space to make dens, jump in muddy puddles (why is it whenever I write that phrase all I can hear is Peppa Pig’s voice?) and enjoy the great outdoors!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and it has given you food fo thought – if you know your children will not sit still or engage with a normal children’s photography shoot, why not opt for a walk or trail or something ‘outdoorsy’ where they are engaged and the focus isn’t all about them looking at the camera, sitting nicely and staying clean!!

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