A Gorgeously Natural Photo Shoot

So far as children’s photo shoots in Winchester go – I don’t think it can get more gorgeously squishy than a two year old, his best soft toy pals and a tea party can it?

When I book a photo shoot with a client I always ask what they want from the session – do they want posed and pretty photos of their children or do they want completely natural – almost documentary style photos?

Veronique was very clear that she wanted pictures of her older boy having fun, enjoying himself and just having time to be free! My kind of shoot – no posing or bribing, just letting him be and capturing him while he did what he wanted to do!

She suggested this location, which was a new one for me, and after a lovely walk through enchanted woods and past fairy doors, we arrived at this beautiful and secluded spot right on the River Hamble. Apart from the odd dog-walker and wild swimmer, we pretty much had the place to ourselves which was just heavenly!

A Very Calm and Happy Affair

So we set up the tea party and just let Ezra play. And that is what was so wonderful about this shoot – he played, Mum played and I got to capture it all! It was so natural, so calm and was wonderful to work with no hidden agenda!

Ezra fed his teddy and fox, got them dressed up in party hats and then took them  down to waters edge to check things out down there! We had some great science experiments as well involving a party hat and all things that float! I guess that is what happens when you get a teached, an ex-teacher and an inquisitve mind together!

Next Time

I absolutely can’t wait to come back to this location to do another shoot – i’d love to see how versatile it is! I am always up for a challenge, and where possible will do anything I can to get the shot! Next time I’d like to dress appropriately and wade into the water to shoot back towards the shoreline.

I would also love to do another Teddy Bears Tea Party again – next time i’d love to hang up some bunting, have a tea pot which we could put river water into and then we can do lots of pouring and water play!