Children and Dog Minishoots

Saturday 9th December 2023

Hi and welcome to Caroline Jenkins Photography. I am Caroline Jenkins and I am outdoor photographer in Chandlers Ford.

I have recently started offering specific minishoots just for children and dogs, as so often parents have asked if they can just have some photos of their babies (fur or human) and so they don’t necessarily want a family minishoot.

This is also ideal for gifts or just to simply adorn you walls!

siblings playi9ng in a tree during natural school photos

How Will They Work?

You will be able to book a 15 minute slot per family, although if you think we may need more than 15 minutes because your child is shy, then please book two consecutive slots! If you know your child will take a while to warm up and would rather be with you, then you may prefer to consider a family minishoot to get the most from them.

Because I am outdoor-based, I like to mix up the locations of where I shoot according to the time of year and the colours around. Minishoots will always be set on a date and at a location set by me, as it makes sense for me to dedicate one day to it and spend an entire day in one location while everyone comes to me. If you want beautiful family photographs but want to have more say over the date and location, please feel free to consider a family shoot which will give you a lot more time and freedom.

For the children, I try to provide a hay bale for sitting on, which is great to get a few posed shots on and kids tend to like it! I then encourage a few more active ones, whether that’s sitting in a tree, jumping off the hay bale or having races! This has worked so well for so many families who just want some lovely natural pictures of their children where the smiles extend to their eyes! I also like to bring along chocolate buttons / jelly sweets etc to encourage and reward them with, although please let me know if they have allergies or intolerances and I will be happy to bring alternatives! 

For the dogs, I tend to assess the energy levels of the dogs before I start and then mix up a range of shots involving sitting / lying / chasing balls and generally looking adorable. If your dog is high energy, please make sure they have been walked in advance so that they will be more able to contain their excitement and not be racing around getting the zoomies! I always reward the dogs with cocktail sausages or gravy bones although again, if you would rather I didn’t, then just let me know!

It might be worth arriving 5 minutes before your alloted time so that we can hit the ground running. I am anticipating my shoots being booked out so I will not be able to delay your slot if you are running late i’m afraid.

I also always ask for consent to use your child’s image for future marketing and portfolio purposes. It’s absolutely fine to say no of course, but if you agree, please allow time to sign my consent form!

7-10 days after the shoot I will deliver your gallery and you will be able to choose your favourite 3 image to download in high resolution. There will be the oppportunity to buy the complete gallery if you are struggling to choose!

natural school photos


TBC once I have done a reccie the week before. Once you have booked, you will receive a location email once I have decided on the best area for light and colours. If local areas look to be too bare/wintery looking then I may choose a New Forest location again.

sisters hug during natural school photos

What Should My Children Wear?

Clothing is completely up to you! If you just want to capture the children as themselves then any of their favourite clothes would also be good. I will not be advising colours or styles as I would do with my family shoots, as this is such a short and focussed shoot! I would just dress them in whatever makes them happy and what they’re into at that time (if it were my son for example, it would be his favourite football kit at that time!)

Obviously I appreciate that in the winter it may be cold, so I advise wrapping the kid(s) up in layers and then we’ll try and shoot without bulky coats. If you know they’ll get too cold though, then I would definitely advise lovely knitwear – scarves and jumpers rather than bulky coats. It’s absolutely not a problem if they do wear coats, of course – it just can be difficult to see faces sometimes when they’re so wrapped up!

I really hope that is all helpful and you understand how my sessions will run. If you do have any questions though, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

I try and push through as much as possible so if light rain is forecast then we will just have to embrace it and play around using umbrellas. If heavy rain is forecast then I will contact you the day before and we will reschedule to another day.

What happens if one of us becomes poorly before the shoot?

Don’t worry, I get it! There are so many germs flying around at this time of year that inevitably someone is always snotty at the very least! We will try and reschedule if at all possible.

I want to share the images with friends and family - how can I do that?

The online gallery is set up so you can not only share with other people, but they can download their favourite images too!