It’s all thanks to Alan the Partridge

So last week was a bit of a first for me. As a family photographer it is very normal for me to have my cameras in hand, so last week in the snow was no exception. I was happily snapping away at everything and everyone in the snow (well you know, the cold and white stuff  is so rare that you have to make the most of the opportunities), that a chance photograph of Alan (the local partridge) lead to a local publication asking if they could write a piece on me.

I had submitted the picture of Alan to a local Chandlers Ford facebook group which generated many likes and comments. Turns out Alan is quite the local celebrity and appears all over the place and is quite well know around here.

Feature article on me as a family photographer

It generated a lot of dicussion which was just lovely (see original post here). This then lead to a lady contacting me asking if I would mind if she wrote a feature blog on me as a family photographer, to be published on the Chandlers Ford Today. This is a website that serves the residents of Chandlers Ford, and features local events, stories and history.

It was really exciting to think that not only was someone was interested in little old me, but that they thought that local residents might be interested in reading a little about me and my outdoor photography passion too!

So she published the article on Friday evening and I have received some lovely feedback which is really humbling and wonderful to read and hear!

If you would like to read the article in full then please click here.

Thanks for reading.