Product Photography – A Slice of Cake

Well I didn’t think I’d be playing with Christmas decorations this early in October I have to admit. The very lovely and very talented Nikki (Nikki B Cake Designs) asked me to take some photos of her beautiful and mouthwatering cakes for her Christmas promotions, so we decided to go all out with the festivities, although admittedly didn’t go as far as Christmas music!

We had great fun, and I just hope that the photos do her cakes justice, although it was strange not to be whipping out the bubbles, sweets or balloons as incentives to behave themselves! Turns out cakes are very well-behaved and do as you ask them, even the cheeky little Father Christmas was a good boy. I think I was also very well-behaved, as the temptation to try a morsal of each one, was quite overwhelming at times (just for product control you understand)!!