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Cake Smashes in Chandlers Ford

Thank you for visiting Caroline Jenkins Photography. I am a Hampshire baby photographer and have recently started running short bespoke baby sessions geared around the cute factor. My latest addition is The Cake Smash in Chandlers Ford and surrounding areas.

This is a very American idea which has hit our country in a big way over the past couple of years. But a gorgeous idea nontheless to mark your baby’s first birthday!

I have never considered it a viable option as I do not own a studio and only work in the great outdoors using natural light. Therefore it can be limiting because of the weather, but it also can be stunning when you get the right background, and so much more fresh and natural than in a studio! So – because the location is outdoors, I run very relaxed and rustic shoots. As you can see from my gallery, there is limited decoration. In other words, I feel that the location is decoration itself and to then add bunting and other such decoration would be too distracting and busy. I prefer the simple, effective and natural set ups!

Hopefully this page will provide you with all the information you need about a cake smash in Chandlers Ford, but if you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you and hopefully I will get to work with you soon!

during a cake smash in Chandlers Ford a baby shoves food in her mouth

How does a Cake Smash Work?

My cake smashes run in three stages;

1) Play time. Baby plays with his/her favourite toys. This allows them to warm up to the shoot with some familiar items that bring them pleasure.

2) Cake smash. Once your little person has warmed up, we can present them with the cake. This needs to be done quickly and carefully before they get bored. We need to make sure the set up is correct before we let them at it, because once they are in, there will be no stopping them! Meanwhile we hang back and watch the fun / chaos unfolding before our eyes! I am still hoping for a face-plant to happen, but so far the babies have been very well-behaved and reserved!

3) Bubble bath. This is an entirely optional part of the session, but I have found it to be a really lovely way to end the cake smash shoot. It will become apparant when your baby has had enough. They may not like the mess on their fingers or just lose interest. I will take my lead from them.  As we are out on location, this takes a lot of organisation as we will not have access to a hot tap. I will bring the warm water with me in large bottles and after we’ve made up a nice warm bubble bath, we can stick your icing-covered baby in to give them a good clean up! This has worked brilliantly in the past and again – I am happy to have the baby lead. They will let us know when the water has cooled too much or it is time to get out!

As a result, you will have thre very different yet beautiful sets of images from each of the stages.

What do I need to do?

We will have lots of opportunities to liase and discuss, so first of all, do not panic!

You know what sort of pictures you want from this, so it would be great if you could start planning and preparing your babies outfit.

You will also need to provide the cake. I have contacted several local cake makers, all of whom charge upwards of £30 for a reasonable-sized cake. I feel uncomfortable charging you this amount for a cake which, realistically, will be destroyed within minutes. Plus cake-makers are so cautious about allergies etc that it works out easier for you to provide the cake yourself so you can be reassured with all of the ingredients. Then you can choose something that is perfect for the type of photos you want!

During the initial play part of the shoot, your baby will be encouraged to play with their toys. Again, if you wanted to stick with the rustic / natural themes, then wooden toys would be ideal, but ultimately whatever makes them happy!

What now?

So, you have decided that a cake smash in Chandlers Ford is the way forward, you have thought of locations and you have pinpointed dates. What do you do next?

Firstly you need to contact me. You are, of course, welcome to call and have a chat but I know how difficult it can be to have an interruption-free conversation.

Secondly, I will invoice you for the session fee. This covers the cost of the shoot, all my editing time and your images from the shoot. After that has been paid, I will then book you onto the system and you will receive an appointment through email.

After the shoot, I will email you a private link to your gallery. During the time that you are looking through your photos, it’s worth considering if any products would work well in your house. I am happy to bring them along to our shoot if you would like to see the quality, but please mention it in advance as I do not carry them around with me. There are some lovely boxes of prints that contain 10 10×8 prints that would make a great gift for grandparents or godparents.

hampshiure baby photographer captures the moment a baby enjoys his first birthday cake during a cake smash in Chandlers Ford

We’ve used Caroline to capture so many moments of our boy’s first year so it was only fitting to use her for Ezra’s birthday cake smash! We all had such amazing fun doing it. Caroline is fun but professional, she really engages with Ezra to build a good bond, helping her to capture the smiles and giggles! The outside setting doesn’t just make beautiful photos but also made our one year old far more relaxed. The bath was loved the most, made for an easy clean up job for mum and despite being April, was still plenty warm enough! We would recommend Caroline to anyone and sure we will use her again!

Paul Darlaston

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What is an Outdoor Cake Smash?

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What do I need to bring?

Cake smashes require some thought, as you will want to make it as personal and fun for your baby as possible. You will need to think about the following: outfit, hat or hair accessories, blanket to sit on (I will provide one but you may want to bring your own if Granny knitted one that you would like to use for sentimental reasons etc), toys, blanket (you may need to wrap baby up in between to stop them getting cold), wipes, personal items such as their name in wooden letters), cake, bubble bath, bath toys). You will also want to bring their favourite cuddly toy or comforter that you can waggle above my head to get them to look at me and smile.

What time of day shoot I book the shoot for?

This is your call but I would advise after a nap / before lunch would work well! A baby shoot is always going to go better if your baby isn’t tired though!

What do we do if the weather is bad?

We need to make sure the weather is warm enough for your little pickle. Obviously being outdoors has so many advantages, but the weather can work against us. I will keep an eye on the forecast before the shoot and we will rearrange if needed.

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