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Saturday 7th May 2022 

How does it work?

Bluebell Mini shoots in Winchester work so well for so many different families for different reasons – the main one being they are shorter than family shoots! So if you have young children or children who have the attention span of a gnat, then these 30 minute sessions will be perfect for you! You will be able to book a slot that suits you on a specific date at a location already decided by me.

I have allowed 60 minutes per session as this will allow us to walk further into the woods to get to the best of the bluebells. Please note that there are quite often brambles around so you may want to bring wellies for little people to save their legs getting scratched up!


A lot of people struggle to know what to wear for bluebell shoots as the colours are so powerful and the last thing you want to do is clash with the flowers.

Neutral colours are advisable with as little to no patterns or motifs as possible. A common thread of colours among all family members looks great and really knits everybody together.

I have attached a link to my bluebells pinterest board which hopefully might provide some clarity and inspiration. It is not a complete guide by any means, but hopefully might help guide you!

family photographer in winchester
mum and son cuddle during a bluebell mini shoot in winchester


The location for my bluebell mini shoots in Winchester will be at Micheldever Woods in Winchester. This location is know far and wide for the blanket of bluebells so it can get very busy.

If you head up the M3 come off at the Winnall roundabout and take the A34. Keep in the right-hand lane and then stay on the A33 past Kingsworthy. As the road becomes a dual carriageway, take the right hand lane and then immediately turn right onto Chillandham Lane (signposted to The Candovers and Northington). Go under the motorway bridge and then on your left will be the ‘official’ Micheldever Woods forestry commission car park. This will be overrun and crazy busy so I park further up the road on the right. It is a much smaller car park but the bluebells are just as stunning this side of the road, and far less busy (shh don’t tell everybody though – it’s a secret)! I will meet you here.

I will pass on my phone number in case you need me, but please be aware that I get limited to no reception over in the woods so it is worth familiarising yourself with Google maps first.

How do I book?

The booking process is simple. Click the link below and you will be taken to my booking form where you will be able to select the time that is best for you and your family. As I mentioned earlier, I am allowing 60 minutes per family so that we have enough time to walk to and from the car park and so we are not rushing.

Once you have booked, you will receive a confimation email of the date and time you have booked (these can be changed if there is still availability). I will then invoice you for £75 which will cover the cost of the shoot plus 3 images.

A week after the shoot you will receive a link to your private and protected gallery. You can then choose to upgrade to the Bluebell or Lavender packages should you wish.

The product credit can go towards any of the products listen on my products page or against some other items that are available to look at in the online shop that is linked to the gallery.

bluebell mini shoot in winchester - mum and daughter hug


The beauty of being an outdoor family photographer is that I always use a long lens so I have no need to get too close and can keep my distance. I normally pose my families on a blanket and crates (which I provide). I will still have these on standby if needed but you are more than welcome to provide your own blanket, or opt for standing poses if you would rather, as I will be unable to clean these between families.

Wet weather plan

In the event of bad weather, I will postpone the shoots until the following weekend (and just keep everything crossed that the flowers are still in bloom). As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a massive pain for many people, so I will only postpone in really bad weather. If we have drizzle then we will go ahead and embrace The Great British Weather! If the forecast looks bad in the days building up to the shoot, I will make a final decision the night before and will be in touch only if we need to postpone!

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What happens if it's raining?

I will keep an eye on the weather forecasts in the days leading up to our shoot. If it looks like it’ll just been patchy rain, then I suggest we go ahead. However if it looks really horrible then I suggest we rearrange to a different date or time and keep everything crossed that the Great British Weather is on our side!

What should we wear?

I always advise my families that the most important thing in family shoots is that everybody feels comfortable. There is no point getting the children to wear their best clothes if they feel really awkward, because this will be written all over their faces.

If you really want to make the most from your shoot though, I always suggest that a similar theme of colours works brilliantly to tie you all together. I will send you links to my Pinterest boards once you have booked, and hopefully this will help inspire you with colours and styling.

Something that I strongly advise against however, is anybody wearing any clothes with motiffs or patterns on, as all this does is draw attention away from all of the beautiful faces!

What should we do if somebody gets poorly?

I am a Mum, so I totally get how children can be fine one day and then come down with something the next day. All I ask is you give me as much notice as possible and then we can rearrange for another day.

Can we change outfits during the shoot?

This is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do as people want to vary the images as much as possible. People view family photo shoots as an investment (both in terms of time and money) so they want to make the most of it. Changing outfits is fine with me, but you will need to bear in mind that we will all be outside in public places. Plus we will only have 30 minutes so it’ll need to be quick!

What time of day is best to have a shoot?

Here’s the thing – if I were to advise you as a parent then I would always say to book one in so there’s no overlap with nap times or meal times, as this is when children can be more ‘fraught’ shall we say! As a photographer wanting to get the most of your images however, I would suggest that we avoid shooting anywhere between 11am and 3pm (especially in the height of summer) due to the strength of the sun and harsh lighting conditions. I appreciate though that this is a very difficult situation for you however to find that happy medium.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you’re all happy and up for it, and if we have to shoot in harsh sunlight, then we all just need to bear in mind that we will be spending all of our time in the shade!

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