“Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the Earth seeking the successive Autumns.”



George Eliot (writer in Victorian times)

Autumn 2018

Wow what a season! I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my family photo shoots in Hampshire this past Autumn more than in any other season I’ve ever had the privilege to work in. Apart from the fact that it seemed to last forever, we were treated to relatively warm weather, beautiful light and the most spectacular colours. What more can you ask for if you book a seasonal photo shoot?

If you have never heard of outdoor family photo shoots in Hampshire then you are missing out. I can’t speak for other photographers, but my outdoor shoots consist of exploring, throwing leaves, chasing the light and colours and generally having lots of fun together. It is about celebrating and capturing quality family time together in the great outdoors!

Choosing to be reactive to the children and families themselves means that I try not to have a rigid plan of action in mind. I find that flexibility is the way forward with a back-up plan in mind if the children and families need more direction. It is very common for the children to start off quite shyly meaning I end up shooting them up a tree or buried underneath leaves, but as they warm up they become far more spontaneous and

I absolutely love working outside and my clients have to enjoy it as well otherwise the photos just would not work. My clients are always up for having fun and just enjoy being outside and appreciating all that is around us.
We are so lucky to have such beautiful surroundings here in Hampshire, and I am so lucky and honoured to have been able to shoot my families in such a small fraction of these. I absolutely cannot wait until Spring arrives on our doorstep and I can go exploring with some new families for more fabulous family photo shoots.

For now let me thank Autumn 2018 for being so brilliantly spectacular! We’ve loved it!!