Bellissimo Perfetto Albums


The Bellissimo Perfetto is an award-winning beautiful storybook album and is the perfect home for your wedding photography. It creates a real showstopper with its layflat pages. You will be amazed at the quality of your images within this album.

Albums can be created in two ways – with your beautiful images on blank pages or with beautiful images on top of background images to tell a more rounded story.

There are many different options to choose from to personalise and perfect your wedding album which I have listed below. I have tried to include the different options in a way that makes you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of the design, look and feel of your wedding album. After all, it is not down to me how your wedding memories are presented!

Sizes start from 10×10″ and go up to 20×20″ and if you need / want to go over the 25 spreads (1 spread = 1 double page) additional spreads can be purchased.

I appreciate that there are many different options that you will want to have a think about, but if you would like to have a look at an example of these albums I have two samples;  1 with a leather cover and 1 with a photo cover.

Cover Style

Make a good first impression and blow everyone away by creating an amazing cover. The cover of your product is the first thing you will see, so you want to make it memorable! You can choose from the following cover styles by scrolling through the arrows.

Material Cover

You can’t go wrong with this classic. Choose from a wide range of material options to customise your album. These materials can be paired with our selection of personalisation options to create beautiful album covers.

Acrylic Cover

Show off a stunning image with this eye-catching glossy cover. The gloss acrylic adds a pop of colour to the front cover and will impress everyone. Select a coordinated material for the spine and back.


Choose this cover style for a modern, metallic marvel. Select a coordinated leather colour for the spine and back to create a contemporary clash of metal print and tactile material for a truly unique album cover.

Photo Cover

A modern take on the Image Wrap. Pair a beautiful image with a material for the spine and back of the album. This cover option is fantastic as it lets you get a sneak preview of your memories inside the album.

Image Wrap

Choose your favourite image and feature it on the album cover. This traditional style is perfect for wedding albums as it gives you the chance to preview your treasured memories inside the album.


A traditional cover with magnetic gatefold perfectly suited for wedding photography. Select from a wide range of materials to create this unique and creative album cover. This style is doubly effective when you combine it with a personalised front.

Gatefold Cameo

Tradition with a modern touch. Add your favourite image to the cover in a cameo window so you can get a sneak preview of your images. The magnetic gatefold cover adds a classic element to the overall appearance.

Brushed Aluminium

For a really modern look. This metallic front cover can be personalised with a special message and material spine and back. This style is truly unique and is bound to impress everyone with its bright metallic look.

Print Options

It is now possible to differentiate different print finishes depending on your style and budget.

Photographic Lustre

This may be the classic style of print finish you are the most familiar with. Its matt surface means the light won’t reflect and obscure the image and it retains its colour to create beautiful, vibrant images.

Matt Finish

230gsm thickness

Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper

Prices quoted include this finish

Photographic Metallic

A beautiful shining paper that is perfect for those showstopping images. The Metallic print finish adds a sheen to images with an almost reflective appearance.

Metallic reflective finish

231gsm thickness

Kodak Professional Endura Metallic photographic paper

Photographic Velvet

The newest photographic finish available. This tactile, smooth finish is non-reflective and creates a beautifully accurate colour and pure whites.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet photographic paper

240gsm thickness

Matt Finish

Duplicates and Downscales

If you are looking to buy duplicate albums or smaller albums to pass to friends and family as keepsakes, these are all available. Scroll through to see the different options available.

Duplicate Books

Get an exact duplicate of your main album again for half the price! Perfect if you just can’t get enough of your album!

Delivered alongside the main album

50% off main album

Bellissimo Pro Book

This photographically printed book is a high quality downscale to add to album packages and is a perfect gift for you to give to close friends or relatives.

Single smaller duplicate
Photographic Lustre paper
Seven cover materials

Size of book will be set according to the size of original album

£99 per book

Bellissimo Memento

Digital press printed books that are available in packs of two. These serve as perfect add-ons if you want to hand to their in-laws or other members of the wedding party.

Packs of two
Matt Art paper
Seven cover materials

Size of book will be set according to the size of original album

£99 for 2

Bellissimo Mini Book

The smallest downscales available are ideal if you are looking to hand out little keepsakes to everyone. These are also available with foiled text personalisation.

Packs of five
Satin paper
Leatherette cover

Size is 5.6″ x 3.75″

£75 for 5


It’s a reminder of your special day and their favourite memories. Make it even more special by personalising your album. Choose from the following options:


New foiling offers a touch of sparkle to Bellissimo albums. Pick gold, silver or rose gold foiling and choose from our two beautiful fonts to feature a personalised message on album covers. This popular personalisation option will add some glam to albums and is bound to turn heads!

 Three foil colours
 Two fonts to choose from
 Feature up to two lines of text

Please note, rose gold foiling is not available on Linen, Metallic Linen and Calabria covers.

Laser Etching

A more traditional personalisation style, feature a personalised message on the front of the album. Using professional techniques, we laser etch your message onto any cover, removing the top layer of material to display a professional and stylish finish.

 5 fonts to choose from
 Feature up to two lines of text
 A traditional way to personalise

UV Designs

Choose from our collection of existing UV Designs that suit a range of occasions from newborns to anniversaries. You can also upload your own design easily and select either black or white UV colour.

 34 editable designs
 Black or White UV to suit any cover type
 Add your own design

UV Printing and Text

Add a personalised message to the front of your album cover. UV Text presents a clear crisp message professionally printed on the cover, regardless of the cover material. 

 5 fonts to choose from
 Black or White UV to suit any cover type
 A perfect personalised touch


It is impossible to provide a standard price due to all the different variables, sizes and options etc. Please give me an idea of the style and choice and I can give you a rough quote.

Prices start from £483.50 for 25 spreads (double pages) on a 10×10″ album.