Material Options for Bellissimo Perfetto Album


If you have chosen to have a material cover for your Bellissimo album, you can order from the follwoing materials:. They all come in a vast array of colours which I am unable to upload all up here but feel free to ask and I can send you a screenshot!


Due to the organic nature of the Genuine Leather cover material, minor surface imperfections may be present.

19 colours available


27 colours available


26 colours available

Metallic Linen

A quality linen material with a metallic sheen.

5 colours available


6 colours available


6 colours available

Smooth Touch

A soft, tactile cover that feels almost like velvet. This sumptuous cover material is ideal for wedding products. Available only in black, pair this with a glossy UV design for a gorgeously glam cover.

Smooth velvet feel
Classic black colour
Beautiful with gloss UV personalisation


3 colours available