Baby Pumkin Shoot

What on earth is a baby pumkin shoot I hear you ask? Well, simply put – it is a photoshoot where I sit your baby in a hollowed-out pumpkin!

It started a few years ago when I made the catastrophic mistake of browsing on Pinterest for something, and it kind of snowballed! Turns out – you can buy a massive pumpkins that fit even the most ‘ample’ of babies rolls!

I like to think these shoots are to provide the parents / grandparents / carers some gorgeous and rather ‘alternative’ baby images for them to look upon fondly as the baby gets older. I think in reality though, parents are using them to create bribery albums for when they’re older!! Whatever the reason – they’re great fun and should be considered by all if they have access to a baby!

baby looks cute in a peaked cap during baby pumpkin shoot
baby sits in a pumpkin during a baby pumpkin shoot

How does a Baby Pumpkin shoot work?

I will buy the pumpkin for our baby pumpkin shoot – normally around the beg-middle of October. Once I have it hollowed out, it will last up to a week, but I will set the date and location.

I will meet you at the location – I allow 30 minutes for the shoot itself but there will be time at then end so we don’t run into the next baby. Most parents like to dress their baby up in cute outfits and accessories to begin with, and then strip them right at the last minute to get some cute naked shots! This is entirely optional though!

I have not yet had a baby who didn’t like sitting in my pumpkins – I think the babies like them as they act as giant bumbos so are quite supportive and comfortable! Don’t worry though – I always place something behind the pumpkin to stop them rolling away!

After the shoot I will send you a private and secure link to your images. You will be able to  download all the images as the price includes them all. 


This will be determined by me nearer the time depending light and seasonal colours. The reason I can keep costs so low for these shoots is that I stay in one place for the day and families come to me.

baby dressed up as little devil during a baby pumpkin shoot
baby pumpkin shoot in chandlers ford


What do I need to provide?

A suitable outfit for your little person to wear. A hat or hair accessories, a warm blanket to wrap them in afterwards

What do we do if the weather is bad?

I will keep an eye on the weather on the days building up to the shoot. Once the pumpkin is carved, it will only last a matter of days until it starts to get gross, so we only have a very small window in which to use it. Obviously if it is bitterly cold or raining then we will postpone as that is not fun for anybody!

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