And Holly Makes The Uner Family Complete

It was an absolute honour and priviledge to photograph this beautiful family recently. Mum, Sarah, contacted me to say that baby Holly was 10 days old now and could I fit them in for a newborn family shoot soon whilst Dad, Adem, was still on paternity leave! Having not done much baby photography in Chandlers Ford, I absolutely jumped at the chance as I have lately been much further afield.

I explained to Sarah that I am not a baby photographer who uses the wrapping techniques – I am far more of a document-style photographer in the sense that I capture the moments and family dynamics around the home, which she said was perfect as she wanted her 2 year old son Harry to be a part of the photos but without the pressure of making him sit still for hours on end. The beauty of having these shoots at your home is that the older siblings feel happy and safe in their own space and it is so much easier for Dad to feed them snacks and entertain them whilst Mum is being captured with baby!

A Family Session

I was with the Uner family for around two and a half hours, which is very similar to my outdoor family photography sessions. Even though these sessions are very different to the outdoor sessions, I do believe that the same amount of time should still be dedicated to capturing family relationships and fun, especially once you factored in nap times, snack and feeds and nappy changes etc.

So as I do with all my family sessions, I started off by asking what sorts of shots the family were after and then I took a quick look around the available space. A lot of people assume that the tidiest room is the most important, but I would far rather a naturally bright and airy room than a tidy room because the light can turn an ok photo into an amazing photo!

Making it Different

You might think that having a photographer to your home would be daunting not to mention limiting. At least with outdoor family sessions we can walk and run around to mix it up, but that’s not possible indoors. Well that’s where you’re wrong. The beauty of photography in your home is the intimacy, the personal items in the background and the idea of being able to strip away all the distractions so just the relationships and interactions are captured. I recently shot a wedding where a very important member of the family couldn’t attend, so I advised the bride to place photographs around the downstairs so that she could be in the background of the photos.

So the Uner family were keen to have some family photos as well as some pictures of Harry and Holly on their bed so that is where we started. As is normal for any two year old, Harry was very excitable and had a limited concentration span, so we worked around that. We did a couple with him then let him go off and play and that is how it went for the next couple of hours. While Holly was feeding, I concentrated on Harry and then swapped things around. I found this worked brilliantly because I wasn’t asking too much of him so he could relax and then take part in his own time. We took some beautiful pictures of the two children on the main bed and then allowed Harry some down time (and a chocolate reward) whilst Sarah and I moved into the nursery with Holly. This was a beautiful space, and although not massive nor filled with natural light, it was beautifully decorated and so it was actually really lovely to capture Holly in her first bedroom. We all know how quickly time flies, so to be able to record that first bedroom that you have lovingly worked so hard on and dreamed about the patter of tiny feet in, is quite special!

We then managed to finish off the session with a few photos outside which was the perfect end. By now Harry needed to run off steam, so it was a gret opportunity to do some physical shots with him!

The Results

Interestingly, although my branding is all about the vibrance of colour, I have discovered something very beautiful about baby photos in black & white. They represent a classic and timeless quality which I have just fallen in love with. I always offer both colour and b&w versions though for the client – it’ll be interesting to see what my clients prefer and order! The Uners however, ended up ¬†with 80 images that are processed in both colour and b&w so they have both options available to them.

So thank you to the Uner family for not only being so utterly fabuous to work with, but for giving me permission to use all their images and allow me to write my first blig post about baby photography in Chandlers Ford. You were amazing fun and hopefully I will get to shoot your little people again as they grow up!