Baby Fruit Shoots

Baby Fruit Shoots in Chandlers Ford

As a baby photographer in Chandlers Ford, I am always looking for new and fun ways to mix my shoots up a bit. After the year we have had, I wanted to be able to offer parents fresh and alternative photo shoots where they can get some beautiful imagery without having the expense of a full baby photoshoot.

This is the perfect option. Fun and different, quick and cheap! With fabulous results!

baby photographer in chandlers ford captures a baby fruit shoot

How does a Baby Fruit Shoot work?

All my shoots take place outdoors so this is very much a warm weather activity, as your baby will be outside in a tin bath!

Ideally, a baby fruit shoot would happen in your back garden as we will need access to a lot of warm water (too much for me to carry). If this is impossible, then I am happy to meet out on location but will need help carrying the water as this bath will take about 15L of water!

It’s a really simple yet beautiful shoot where we get the bath of water ready for your little person, and then put them in surrounded by their favourite fruit. If you want to match up hats / hair accessories to the colour fruit you have chosen, then this works brilliantly!

And if your baby doesn’t fancy getting in – that is absolutely fine as we can always just have a lot of fun splashing by the side!

And then they enjoy. Sitting, splashing and eating! Fun and fabulous!

What do I need to do?

Decide on your baby’s favourite fruit and let me know –  orange and strawberries work well and tend to float, whereas in my experience, blackberries sink and then create very blue nappies and bottoms!

Pick a time of day when baby is most likely to be awake and happy and let’s go for it!

baby fruit shoot using strawberries

What now?

So, you have decided that a baby fruit shoot is the way forward, you have found a suitable back garden and you have pinpointed dates. What do you do next?

Firstly you need to contact me. You are, of course, welcome to call and have a chat but I know how difficult it can be to have an interruption-free conversation.

Secondly, I will invoice you for the session fee. This covers the cost of the shoot, all my editing time and your images from the shoot. After that has been paid, I will then book you onto the system and you will receive an appointment through email.

After the shoot, I will email you a private link to your gallery. During the time that you are looking through your photos, it’s worth considering if any products would work well in your house or as gifts. I am happy to bring them along to our shoot if you would like to see the quality, but please mention it in advance as I do not carry them around with me. There are some lovely boxes of prints that contain 10 10×8 prints that would make a great gift for grandparents or godparents.

Baby fruit shoot with Hampshire baby photographer

Wow!! What can I say! Caroline is simply fantastic! Her photos are beautiful! Her “fruit” shoot was so much fun! Her high energy, friendly and fun approach allowed my daughters personality to really shine through in her photos!

Natalie Bundle


What do I need to provide?

A swim nappy, a towel or blanket to wrap them up in afterwards, a hat or hair accessories (preferably matching the colour fruit you have previously chosen) and their favourite toy or thing that you can waggle above my head to bring out the smiles!

What shall we do if the weather is bad?

I am not a monster and I would never encourage you to stick your baby in a bath outside if it was raining or cold – that does not sound like fun for anybody! We want the conditions to be spot on so that your baby can have the best time. I will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to the shoot and we will rearrange if necessary. For this reason I will also buy the fruit at the last minute!

What should we do if one of us is poorly?

We will rearrange to another date. Simple as! All I would ask is that you give me as much notice as possible please as I will buy all the fruit the morning of the shoot, and it won’t keep for long!

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