Do you want to know more about booking a Summer Family Photo Shoot?

Have you always wanted to have a summer family photo shoot but not sure when is the right time? Or have you got a special event to celebrate? A child starting school? A teenager leaving to start university? Or maybe you just want to enjoy your family and capture them for a few hours to be enjoyed forever in some beautiful images ? Well read on and maybe I can help!

What time should I have my summer family photo shoot?

The beauty of summertime (apart from the fabulous weather) is the long evenings and beautiful light that the evenings provide. Shooting in the middle of the day in the height is summer is not ideal – the sun can be so bright (not to mention hot) and it can make for some very contrasty images. Shooting first thing in the mornings or later in the afternoon and evening is great though. Not only is it cooler, but the light is much softer and more flattering. This is brilliant, especially while the children are off school in the holidays – nobody needs to book time off work or mess around with day trips!

If shooting in the daytime is the only reasonable option for your family, then shooting somewhere with shade cover is definitely the way forward to provide that much needed-shade from the sun.

What if we don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Don’t worry – there are not many people out there who truly love having their picture taken. Depending on the type of shoot you want, I can tailor a shoot to suit your needs! For example, if Dad is very theatrical and flamboyant, but your children are very shy in front of the camera, then I will quite often ask him to do a silly dance behind me to make the children crack up so I capture their beautiful and natural smiles.

Alternatively you may all feel uncomfortable in front of the camera so may request entirely natural photos as you go for a walk, play in a park or chase the bubbles. That is all good. You need to remember that it is your shoot so can be built about what you want and feel comfortable with. No two shoots are ever the same for me as no two families are ever the same so I am up for anything!

What location should we book for our family shoot?

I always speak to clients in depth before booking anywhere as location is hugely important to an outdoor family shoot as it sets the scene. You may want somewhere of personal significance, somewhere with a beautiful and colourful background or just somewhere that you know the children will be happy. Let’s face it – if the children are happy and entertained then we all know that us parents will be far happier and more relaxed. This reflects in the images I promise you! I have a lot of locations up my sleeve that we can discuss so you enjoy the whole experience and tailor it to suit your family!

What now?

I hope this has answered some of the questions that may have been floating around your head. I absolutely promise you that your family shoot will be loads of fun and you will all have a great time. If you want precious images of your family that can be a treasured forever, then I can help you. If you want to know more about what a full family shoot entails, please feel free to read my blog. Alternatively, you can see portfolio page, my prices page or if you are happy and want to contact me to discuss booking a shoot, then I’d love to hear from you. I am based in Chandlers Ford in Hampshire, but happy to work anywhere within Hampshire.