Acrylic Prints


These crystal clear, ultra-high clarity Acrylic Prints are the perfect choice for modern homes, galleries and workspaces. Acrylic Photo Prints make a fantastic alternative to traditionally framed products, with no frame around the image your photograph takes centre stage. Clean, sleek edges and a high-gloss, contemporary finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product. Hanging devices included along with stand offs allowing the product to appear floating from the wall.  Available in rectangular, squares, octagons or spheres. 


The beauty of these frames (apart from the sheer 4mm thick acrylic) is the selection of sizes and shapes they are available in. Acrylic frames are availabe in square, rectangles, spheres or octagons. The speherical or octagonal prints are the perfect way to set off a subject and really make them pop!

As with the majority of these frames and prints, there are so many different sizes available that it is impossible to list them all here but they start at 12×12″ for the octagons and spheres. Size starts at 16×12″ for the standard aluminium prints.










From £135 (excluding p&p) for spheres and octagons


from £140 (excluding p&p) for standard prints