About Me

Welcome to the home of Caroline Jenkins Photography. I am a family photographer based in Chandlers Ford, just outside Winchester in Hampshire. I am also a Mum to Charlie and Evie – two very loveable and energetic little people.

Spending time outdoors is really important to me and I am never happier than when I’m on a beach or out exploring somewhere, regardless of the weather.  I’ve always loved taking photos of family and friends and have found my style to be continuously evolving which is great fun and means I am always up for trying anything!

My style as a photographer

My style as a photographer is very relaxed and flexible. Capturing the natural and happy moments that exist between family members is what I am passionate about and what I deliver.  I choose to shoot in a very unobtrusive manner as some people can feel uncomfortable having to pose – I know I do!  This is why I choose to photograph in the great outdoors as I find it allows everyone the chance to relax and breathe a bit more in their surroundings. PLus as soon as I introduce the bubbles, the hay bale or the chocolate buttons, most people tend to forget I am shooting them anyway!

Just relax…

I know from first-hand experience that when asking most children to smile for the camera, you won’t always get the natural and lovely smile that you know and love. Do not worry – this is totally normal and I have ways to get around this. I used to be a primary school teacher, so I can form good relationships with children quickly and we always have fun. I provide a lot of props to entertain and distract children (they don’t notice the camera so much if they’re chasing bubbles).  This is why I like to allow up to 3 hours for a family shoot or a baby shoot as sometimes it can take that long to get people to relax and get into the swing of things. Nobody likes to be rushed and being rushed on a photo shoot will certainly not produce the best images!

I love watching the light throughout the day and in different seasons to see how it produces a beautiful range of atmospheres. This is another reason why I prefer to shoot in the great outdoors as no two days ever feel the same and I love finding that special light that makes the photos pop! It is also key for me to be able to capture images that reflect my love of colour. You will see from my portfolio that I am passionate about different colours through the different seasons – the use of colour and light are definitely reflective of my style.

I hope you are able to get a good idea from reading this just how much I love my job! It is such a privilege to capture families and produce beautiful images that freeze a moment in time for them. Job satisfaction for me is capturing beautiful moments of families enjoying themselves, so they have something to treasure forever.