Celebrating with a special occasion shoot

Lately I have noticed a very subtle shift in the types of family photo shoots that are becoming more and more popular, and these are  what I call a special occasion shoot. I am receiving more and more enquiries about special anniversary and birthday shoots, whether it’s booked as a surprise for the whole family to enjoy together, or booked in advance so that a picture can be presented to the Birthday Girl or Boy on their special day! It is the perfect gift to give; not only do you get to spend quality time with your family which, as we all know only too well, is more important then ever right now, but you also get some beautiful photos and memories to treasure for generations to come.

How does a special occasion shoot work?

The beauty of these shoots are there are no rules! The hardest part for you will be to pin down all the various members of the family and get a date in the diary. From there we choose a location that suits you everyone, I often recommend that people read my location blog to give them some inspiration. The beauty of being a Hampshire family photographer, is there is a wealth of beautiful and fun locations around!

From there we discuss the different people and family groups attending, and the purpose of the shoot. The more information I have about the individuals, the more I can ensure that we get the most from our anniversary and birthday shoot and hit the ground running!

What should we wear?

Whenever I get asked this question, I always stress that the most important thing is that people feel comfortable. But when you have a large extended family shoot – potentially with lots of family members, it is worth having a conversation about colour themes. This might be something as similar as everyone wearing blue and white, or outfits with a splash of pink, but it has a huge impact to how the final images look. It is also worth bearing in mind, that when thinking about a special occasion shoot, the pictures will inevitably be displayed in the couple or person’s house, so we all want to make sure that these pictures are the best they can be.

How do I book?

It could not be simpler. Contact me and we will discuss everything you need and want and I will do my best to help. Obviously the most important thing is the date, especially if you want it around a special occasion, so it might be worth having initial discussions with your family members and getting a few dates pencilled in that everybody can do!

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