Hi my name is Caroline and I am a family photographer in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Apart from my family, my number 1 passion and love in life is dogs! I have a chocolate labrador but am seemingly unable to walk past any dog without sitting on the floor with them and making friends. It then seemed an inevitability that I would add dog photoshoots to my list of shoots, for no other reason that I got to spend an hour with more fur babies, and got to treat their owners with beautiful photographs to treasure forever!


springer looking at the camera during a dog walk at stockbridge down

Doodles the Cocker Spaniel

After lockdown 1 last year, I was desperate to get out and use my camera in any which way possible. And coincidentally one of my oldest friends had recently gotten a new puppy. So it was inevitable that we meet up for a walk – I got puppy cuddles and to do something creative for once, and she got loads of lovely photos of her new puppy! Win win! We were supposed to go for a long walk to wear Doodles out, but I just wanted to play and take photos so we didn’t actually get that far! Whoops!

dog walk at stockbridge down

Stockbridge Down – the dog walk

Stockbridge Down is a fantastic location for a dog walk – it has space, lots of grass, hills and some shaded patches for when it is super hot. We actually came ona very sunny day, but when it is overcast it makes for the most fabulous moody photos.

I have written the walk up as one of my family-friendly dog walk blogs, so if you’re interested, just click the link below.

Click for details about the Stockbridge Down walk

dog going crazy during a dog walk at stockbridge down
puppy resting during a dog walk at stockbridge down

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