The Anning Family rock a Family Portrait Shoot

I was so privileged this week to be asked to photograph a family portrait session of the Anning family as a family of four for the first time. Carl and Veronique Anning and their two year old son Ezra welcomed baby Saul home just a few days ago.

I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon than playing with Ezra and cuddling one week old baby Saul and observing the love between them. 

Mum and Dad were so chilled and happy and it was a real pleasure to photograph them all for the first time! You could not fathom that this little bundle of love had only been met for the first time last week, and yet he has such a big and natural presence in the family already!

The amount of love that is captured between the four of them is beautiful! You just get a sense that this family will grow into such a tight and close-knit little unit. Ezra was unbelievable with Saul – so careful and proud of his little brother as you can see by the love in his face when he gives him a big squidgy cuddle!

What was particularly special for me was the fact that I had been the photographer at Veronique and Carl’s wedding in August 2012 in Dorset.

Seeing them grow from a married couple to a family of three and then a family of four has just been amazing and I cannot wait to photograph them more as their beautiful boys grow up!

They have now moved to Bishops Waltham, just outside Winchester so we have lots of lovely settings and landscapes on our doorstep to capture them in as a beautiful family of four!

So there you have it. So far as a family portrait photography session goes, I think this beautiful family absolutely nailed it!